The spine is a complex and vital structure in the human body which consists of tendons, muscle, bones/vertebrae and numerous other tissues. The spine helps to protect the spine cord in other to provide strength, support and flexibility. Maintaining a healthy spine is important to keep the body in shape. Therefore, spine’s ability to provide flexibility and support to the body make it more vulnerable to injury. With its unique structure and its closeness to the spinal cord, any injuries of spine will virtually affect any part of the human body. Spine doctors are experienced individuals who have been trained on the spine and know how the spine functions, how it can be abused and cause injuries and its treatments. Patient who had terrible accidents and end up having a serious spine injuries are people that spine doctors do treat but they also treat people with spine disorders like scoliosis too. A spine doctor can also help any individuals that are experiencing any pain or numbs that has to do with their spines. Whether your back pain is mild or severe, or you have started experiencing some of the following signs, it’s important to consult any spine doctors near you ASAP before the whole situation worsens or get out of hands.

Pain that stays for weeks

Due to stress and other factors. Therefore, to have back pains and minor aches is normal to someone people, and most of this common pains can be treated at home with several medications such ice, rest and other self-care treatments and within weeks it gets better. However, if you don’t see any changes or the condition is getting worse, it’s a red flag that something serious is happening, and you should probably seek for an advance treatment.

Pain after an accident

If you experience any back pain as a result of an accident like car or fall accident, then it’s best to seek for a spine or back doctors. Or don’t you know even a small injury due a small accident can affect your neck and spine on long run. Even if the pain is not severe, you should seek for a spine or back specialist to ensure you whether the injury is serious on not.

Experience pain at night

You are able to do your daily activities normally but were unable to sleep at night. Most times, you recover from your back pain when you rest. However, if you look great throughout your day but the pain keeps returning at night, it could be as a result of something serious like a sprain or disc degeneration.

Pain sensation

Ever have you had both your arms and legs paralyzed, it is because of an injury sustained on the upper part of the spinal cord in the neck called as quadriplegia-paralysis. Or only on both legs (paraplegia-paralysis), an injury that occurs in the lower back of the spinal cord. Or having difficulties while lifting or bending, or experiencing serious back aches than normal. You should see a specialist to prevent long-term damage.

Things you need to put in consideration when searching for a spine doctors/orthopedic surgery

Before choosing anything, you contact your GP first. They should be able to provide a diagnosis or probably recommend the type of specialist you should consult next, whether a orthopedic surgeon, neurologist, rheumatologists, anesthesiologist, and many more. Understanding the main cause of your symptoms is an indication towards the right direction for additional treatment.

Broad certification is very important when choosing a spine doctor. The certification will tell a lot about the doctor, like the kind of training, skills, and experiences the doctor has to provide orthopedic care. It is also important to know whether the doctor has involved any malpractice of disciplinary actions.

When it comes to surgical Care, practice make perfect. You can ask few questions like how many patients in the same condition with yours has the doctor treated. Ask if you can talk with any previous patient that doctor has treated; ask the doctors about the success rate of his/her operations. Failure to provide answers to any of the questions may be a red flag, since qualified and well experienced doctor will not be threatened by any of these questions.

It is important to consider gender to feel more comfortable with your spine doctor because a need may rise for an open discuss on your personal information. And also to make sure the spine doctors has specific training or experience related to your condition and your gender since anatomical gender attitude differences and sex differences is important for orthopedic treatment.

Consider the quality of the hospital to know the quality of care, their ambulatory surgery center, the type of facilities they possessed since the quality of hospital matter because there is a probability that patient who are treated at a top-rated hospitals tends to have fewer complications and higher chance to survive.

During your first appointment with your spine doctor, feel engaged and don’t rush, pay attention while you communicate to be rest assured whether you feel comfortable while taking and he or she is ready to supports you on any information you need.

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