Spine doctor vs chiropractor

Spinal pain is a frustratingly common occurrence in Singapore and a wide majority of people experiencing spine problemssometimes in their life. If you find yourself in such a problem, it would be best to find a Spine doctor Singapore or Chiropractor – but the question is which one is finest for you?

Orthopedist (Spine Doctor)

A spine doctor’s knowledge includes the spinal problem but goes beyond itas well to include the complete musculoskeletalsystem. They can deal with dislocations, back pain, ruptured and displaced disks, sciatica, lower back pain, and health problems causing pain.

A spine doctor can diagnose a back or spine pain injury or disorder, help treat it with the surgical process, work out or medication; rehabiliteesoutstanding problems with your back, if essential, and provide your preventativemeasures to band off back pain.

A Spine doctor’s practice will provide non-surgical ways of treatment in half its diagnose, provide surgical inventions, in the next half. Some problems, such as with the joints, nerves, bones, skin, or muscles might not be treatable without surgical procedure.


Chiropractors know how intimately and deeply the nervous system and spine connection and involve any other. They believe that if they rehabilitateback’s structural integrity – offering you a direct, unhindered spine – several of the physical, neurological, and mental issues of an uneven spine will mostly dissipate.

They are like a mechanic providing a complete tune-up of your car. Just like your car’s engine, a weak back leads to nervous as well as musculoskeletal problems. A chiropractor has the experience to get you revved up.

A spinal pain chiropractor is not perfect, though, and they might still refer you to a Spine doctor for further treatment. So if you are suffering from spinal problems and want a proper treatment from a specialist person always choose carefully, because the spine problem is very serious.

How to choose the best spine doctor in Singapore

Selecting a spine doctor in Singapore should be a through, very well planned effort. When you’ve debilitating pain and your usual practitioner or internal physician can no longer handle it, now it is time to find a specialist doctor. The best type of spine doctor will be one that has been referred to you, either by your first care physician, a family, or a friend member.

To choose the best spine doctor in Singapore, we have created a list of top considerations to explore, by taking time to ask some important questions and research your options; you will be taking a key part in achieving the finest possible result.

For a spine doctor to be board certificated in a particular specialty, she or he must undergo an approved education plan and evaluation which access the medical judgment, knowledge, clinical, professionalism, and communication skills needed to perform well in that specialty. The doctor will continue to go via the procedure throughout this career to make sure that he can continue to offer the best quality medical care.

While there’re certifications for both internal medicine and family medicine, the upper level of board certification for a spine specialist, particularly if he performs the surgical process, physical medicine as well as rehabilitation,  thoracic surgery neurological surgery, or surgery.

This certification will make sure that doctor us up to date on the resent treatments and advance equipment in back pain. And an added advantage, the spine expert you select will have completed a fellowship in all spine care. This additional experience provides the spine doctor an edge over the other doctors and shows proper commitment to the practice.

Your doctor should be willing to share with his massive experience in the treatment and surgeries of the spines. In Singapore, spine society recommends that you select a doctor with over 50 percent of him or her cases related to working with a spine problem. It is a fine idea to come prepared for your primary meeting with the doctor. You’d be ready to share info about how long you have suffered from such condition, the level of the problem, and when the pain happens and if the treatment has offered decent relief in the past. Once you’ve met with the doctor you might ask questions such as:

  • What are the risks of a process?
  • What are my all alternatives to the treatment?
  • What are the success rates and complications?
  • Will I need future treatments?
  • How is the treatment performed?
  • Can I get a 2nd opinion?

How long is recovery?

Now, this is simpler said than done when it comes to something like spine problem, if you told family, friends or co-workers that you were considering about purchasing a car or bike, odds are they would have stories about the individual experience and provide tips on where and how to get the best and reliable deal.

Unfortunately, while several people have purchased a bike or car, the mass of the people not undergone spinal operation and treatment, but that should not discourage you from asking around. Ask the questions on personal social platforms, or ask the questions to officers partners in the break room. Odds are you will find some helpful people who can provide you trusted opinions on spine doctors.

In a few cases where people’s spine issues have severe pain, surgery might be essential for the treatment of their spine situations. In many other cases, one might not have to undergo surgery processes because they can utilize other treatment methods for spine issues.

It’s best to do consolation with a spine doctor so that you can explain the process that one might select. This provides a patient the info that’s essential to decide on the type of process that they’re comfortable to do. A spinal doctor can help one decide whether they must go for surgery or not.

As with any medical expert with when you’re sharing intimate information about your present health, it is extremely vital to be comfortable with her or him. Your spinal doctor does want to help you overcome your spinal pain, but if you receive a minus impression on the first visit, you might need to consider contacting another spine doctor.

A lot can be learned by having a consolation with a spine doctor. Do not afraid to ask questions. The doctor should take some time to explain the treatment to you as well as your family. It is also a fine idea to evaluate other patients. Where they cooperative and comfortable with this? Keep in mind that, you will deal with the staff as much more than you’ll be with the spine doctor.

Just because you set up a consolation for you’re for your spine problem doesn’t mean you need to stick with that doctor if something just does not feel right. Come to consolation with some questions to ask, and connect the doctor and the facility to see if it looks like the correct fit. Who you pick for you spinal fusion is the main issue, so it does not feel like you’re obligated to stick with the primary doctor you speak with. If the spine doctor can answer your questions and makes you feel relax in their treatment and care, they’re a tight doctor for you.

One thing which is important in this decision is gauging how your potential doctor is going to incorporate you in to your treatment and care during your time together. Being as highly qualified as possible and involved in every step of your treatment is vital in your spinal recovery, and a fine spine doctor will encourage you to educate yourself on your conditions and provide you the chance to create your own decision in regards to your spine treatment.

If you feel as though your doctor is hindering your possibility to make medical decisions, perhaps, they’re not the spine doctor for you. Getting fine vibes from your spine doctor is a fine sight, and you can often get a fine feel rapidly for an individual in this situation.

What our clients saying

  • The doctor was very patient, listening to what i said and he did a great job. After the surgery, i get my life back. I do not feel any pain at all. Thanks Dr Lee
    Gregory Cheong
  • When we are getting old, we started to get many spine related problem. My friend recommend spine doctor singapore to me. Honest speaking, they are very professional and get the right job done. Thank you so much for such a great service.
    Jesslyn Kam

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